We are pleased to help welcome a new member into your family!
The continued health and activity of your puppy depends on us working
together. We will help with the careful planning of vaccines, health testing, parasite control, and neutering.  

Please bring to your appointment:
  • Any records from visits to other veterinary hospitals, from breeders or rescue organizations.
  • A list of any questions or concerns you may have.
  • A recent fecal sample.
  • The name of the food your pet is eating and how much they eat daily.
  • Please bring the names and dosages of any medications or supplements you give your pet.
Here’s what to expect:
  • Initial examinations usually take at least 30 minutes.
  • Your puppy will be weighed and have their pulse, temperature and respiratory rate recorded by a technician.
  • The doctor will visit with you and discuss your puppy’s history.
  • The doctor will do a complete physical examination.
  • Your doctor will assist in crafting a plan that is tailored to your and your puppy’s lifestyle. They will also discuss any vaccines and flea, tick and heartworm prevention that are recommended
What do we typically recommend for puppies?
Just as with children, pups need vaccines to aid in the prevention of common infectious diseases. Vaccines are given at regular intervals during the growth of the pup. The choice of vaccines depends on what your pup does and where it goes.

Puppies often have intestinal parasites called worms. It is important that they be eradicated through the use of safe and effective medications.

Flea and tick control is important for your pets continued health, just like heart worm prevention. Your doctor will discuss different treatment options during your visit.

Your doctor will discuss other options such as microchip identification and neutering

Our doctors have worked very hard to craft health care plans, making sure that your dog remains as healthy and happy as possible throughout all of it’s life stages. We are also committed to maintaining excellence in veterinary medical and surgical care. Our facility is prepared to assist your pet under any circumstances and at any time.

If you should have any further questions in advance of your visit, please call our office at:
(248) 684-0468

The puppies visits during its first few months in your family are important, not only to be sure that they remain healthy, eat well and are successfully integrated into your family, but this is a crucial opportunity to be sure that they achieve adequate immunity to serious life threatening diseases. During the four months between 8 weeks of age and neutering at 6 months a huge groundwork will be laid so that you and your new family member can be together and they can remain healthy for as long as possible.

Health Care Program:

First Visit - 6-8 Weeks:
DAPPC (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Coronavirus)
Fecal Testing & Deworming (if needed)
Heartgard based on weight (Heartworm Preventative)- given once monthly
Discuss Flea and Tick prevention
10-12 Week Visit:
2nd Deworming (if needed)
Discuss Flea and Tick prevention
14-16 Week Visit:
Leptosporosis vaccine (if you have a pet at risk)
Rabies vaccine (License your pet with Oakland Co.)
Bordetella vaccine (if your pet is at risk)
Fecal Exam (if necessary)
Discuss Flea and Tick prevention
6-Month Visit:
Spay or Neuter
Pre-operative blood work is performed
IV Catheter, to secure access to a vein and administer   fluids during anesthesia
Anesthesia Monitoring
Pain Management
Microchip placement is recommended.
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