Annual Wellness Care

Adult Feline Wellness - 1-7 Years of Age

Our Recommendations for the care of your feline companion:
  1. Annual examinations
  2. Annual Bloodwork – Full CBC/Chemistry/Parasite Testing
    This will allow us to assess the function of the kidney’s and liver, as well as the red & white blood cell counts
    Fecal testing: this should be done yearly if an indoor cat, however if your cat goes outdoors, then this should be done twice yearly.
         * Roundworms are a zoonotic parasite, which means you can be affected by them.
  3. Flea Protection and 12 Months of Heartworm Prevention
    We recommend annual Revolution with biannual testing to make sure your pet remains heartworm negative.
    If you choose seasonal heartworm protection your pet must have annual heartworm tests.
  4. Vaccine Protocol
    Feline distemper (RCCP) – At one year of age, then if they are an indoor cat, no further RCCP vaccines are recommended.
         *If an outdoor cat, RCCP should be boostered every 3 years.
    Rabies – At one year of age and then every 3 years.
    FeLV – Once a year if your cat goes outside.  We use a nonajuvanted  PurVax by Merial that does not cause the Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.

What if we find abnormalities in …

        Your doctor will make recommendations about further work-up & treatment
        The next step is ultrasound to better understand the abnormalities.  Once we have a clear understanding we can make appropriate recommendations

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