Update: Carly the Labrador and Her Super Powers



There are so many valuable lessons to be learned from animals.  I think one of the most important is to appreciate their resilience when faced with adversity. This trait allows them to readily recover from injuries and illnesses that humans may never over come. Animals don’t say ‘I can’t’, ‘it’s too hard’, or ‘why me’. They persevere, they move forward. When I was in veterinary school I became very aware of this animal ‘super power’. When I was a junior I participated in an event called Vet-A-Visit. The public was invited to visit the veterinary school and students and faculty provided different presentations to educate the public about veterinary medicine and animals. I brought our families three legged cat, he loved the spot light and strutted along the table and visited with the children and parents. When I asked people to tell me what was abnormal about him, they were at a loss. Then I would explain how adaptable animals were, how he had lost his leg in an accident and I would explain all the things he was capable of. I continue to feel that this is an important lesson for us all. 

Carly reminds me once again of that valuable lesson. The morning after Carly arrived at our hospital she became my patient. She was depressed, morbidly over weight, and it was obvious she had a few other pre-existing health problems. However, now she had bruises over her back and cuts on her head, all  from being struck with great force. She had made it through the night and fortunately there were no fractures. I felt that the next step was to give her more tools with which to try to recover, things like continued analgesia and anti-inflammatories, antibiotics to prevent infection of her wounds, laser therapy for her back and hips, and physical therapy for her weak back legs.  She was given a padded bed in the middle of the treatment room, the hub of the hospital. People stopped and spoke to her, petting her gently, all day long. My partner and I decided that we would give her some time and see if she made progress. Although she was a geriatric dog, we hoped she could have some more good quality time and find a home. If it was at all possible, we did not want to see her time cut short do to her injuries.

We are happy to announce that Carly has improved a little every day. This week we could see more and more of her personality. She has lost a little weight, finally getting under 100 lbs and she likes her diet food! The video of her walking was taken Sunday. She certainly is not running any races, but the sling that usually helped hold her up is in Lyndsay’s hands and Carly is sniffing the ground and investigating the newly fallen snow. Carly’s super power is still intact and we all so happy to be witness to her continued recovery. 


Posted on December 21, 2015
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