Externship Opportunities at Veterinary Care Specialists

‘An opportunity for veterinary and veterinary technician students to develop their craft’

Goals of Externship:

Our goal is to continue expanding your clinical skill set by..
Expanding client communication skills
Working within a team of clinicians
Providing patient management and care with the supervision
Creating diagnostic plans
Practicing and observing radiologic interpretation
Exposure to and assisting with surgery - routine, emergency and specialized procedures
Providing an orientation to computerized record keeping
Experiencing preventative, geriatric, emergency, transfusion medicine, clinical pathology and internal medicine
Having a discussion of ABVP as well as other professional pursuits post graduation

Prerequisites of the Student:

Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn
Be prepared for hard work and challenges
Provide your own housing and reliable transportation
It is preferable, but not necessary, to achieve the full benefit of the experience the student complete medicine, surgery and emergency medicine rotations prior to the externship at VCS.

How to apply:

Please email a letter of intent to Dr. Hass at [email protected]. Include the dates that you would like to attend. 2-3 week externships are recommended.
One letter of reference from a faculty member, also emailed to [email protected] is recommended.

There is no stipend provided with this opportunity.

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