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For the animal who is having a medical emergency, needs surgery, or is critically ill, Veterinary Care Specialists offers emergency, surgical, and critical care services of the highest quality. With the broad range of medical specialties available at Veterinary Care Specialists, we are ready to address your pet’s most pressing problems in our animal emergency hospital, intervene surgically, if necessary, and provide intensive care treatment and monitoring for as long as your pet needs those services. In our modern facility, all care is provided in a fully equipped, up-to-date medical setting designed to sooth your pet and provide comfort and support during the healing process. 

When we at Veterinary Care Specialists care for animals with serious illnesses or emergencies, our goal is to diagnose the patient’s primary and secondary disease conditions, anticipate complications and prevent or manage them, initiate and continue treatment, and monitor and support the patient until he or she is well enough for follow-up by the referring general practitioner, internist, or surgeon. We provide:
  • frequent monitoring of the patient whose clinical condition can change from minute to minute
  • repeated physical examinations, to continually assess and reassess the patient’s condition 
  • diagnostic testing, to establish a diagnosis and tailor a therapeutic plan to the patient’s needs
  • physiological monitoring, to track the patient’s condition, support the patient’s treatment plan, and identify new issues as they arise

At Veterinary Care Specialists, we can accommodate your pet in our intensive care unit, which is fully equipped with the most current technology and equipment. For the pet with a contagious condition, our isolation units are available. Oxygen and anesthesia are available throughout our hospital. Our air handling systems provide zoned heating and cooling, which allows us greater flexibility in addressing our patients’ need for comfort. All our units have windows that look out onto the surrounding woodlands and wetlands, a natural environment that promotes rest and recovery for our patients. 

When your pet is having a medical emergency, needs surgery, or is seriously ill, we at Veterinary Care Specialists have the knowledge, the skills, the technology, and the facility to support your pet when he or she needs us the most. We are known for treating our patients with care and respect and will provide your pet with the highest level of diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring services. Our expert medical attention, together with our caring approach, will give your pet the best chance at recovery and a return to health.

Critical Care Services

  • 24-hour care and monitoring 
  • specialized anesthetic protocols 
  • blood banking 
  • blood and blood component transfusions 
  • surgical intervention
  • peritoneal dialysis 
  • oxygenation 
  • blood pressure stabilization
  • advanced fluid therapy and stabilization 
  • pain management 
  • post-surgical care 
  • respiratory care / ventilatory support 
  • exotic animals–stabilization 
  • enteral and parenteral nutritional support 
  • seizure management 
  • advanced diagnostic testing / therapies not available in general practice
  • toxicity needs
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