Daily Updates

Daily updates

We Give Daily Updates, at Our Veterinary Hospital

When you bring your pet to us, we understand that you’ll be worried about his or her condition and will be hoping for signs that your pet has begun to recover. If your pet needs to stay with us for surgery, medical monitoring, or treatment, we’ll encourage you to call us to see how your pet is doing. We’ll suggest that you visit your pet and bring him or her familiar playthings, for reassurance and comfort. At the same time, we’re going to contact you on a daily basis to let you know your pet’s condition. Of course, we’ll always get your permission before beginning significant medical therapies and we’ll keep you apprised of the results.

Additionally, when your family veterinarian has referred your pet to us for services, we will provide regular reports to the referring veterinarian’s office, including written reports at admission and discharge. As your pet’s course of medical care comes to a close, we’ll refer the patient back to your veterinarian’s office for post-discharge care.

At Veterinary Care Specialists, our goal is to provide the best patient care while maintaining high-quality communication with both you, the pet owner, and the referring veterinarian. You can feel good about putting your pet in our hands: You’ll always know what’s going on.
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