Team Approach

Team Approach

We Use the Team Approach at Veterinary Care Specialists

Because of our holistic medicine (comprehensive) approach to veterinary emergency services and the care of the surgical or critically ill patient, we at Veterinary Care Specialists regularly consult with specialists in various areas of veterinary medicine. We request the opinions of other specialists in order to optimize the care of our patients. By bringing the most complete information into the assessment and treatment process, we can deliver the best veterinary care to your pet when he or she needs it the most. When appropriate, the consulting specialist will continue to be involved with the ongoing care of the patient, until the patient’s functioning begins to return to normal.

Our Specialized Knowledge Helps Us Care for Our Veterinary Clinic Patients When you put your pet in our hands, you can rest assured: Our medical team members at Veterinary Care Specialists have training and experience in a variety of veterinary specialties. As part of our team approach to the care of emergency, surgical, and critical care patients, our clinicians bring the specialized knowledge from those fields into the assessment and treatment of every animal.

With their specialized skills, our medical team members can complete and interpret various tests used in the assessment of our emergency, surgical, and critical care patients.

Our staff also use their specialized technical skills and the available medical technology in treating our emergency, surgical, and critical care patients—for example, to provide external, mechanical breathing support for a patient with compromised lung functioning, or to administer fluid therapy—until normal functioning returns. When your pet is having a medical emergency, needs surgery, or is seriously ill, we at Veterinary Care Specialists have the knowledge, the skills, the equipment, and the facility to support your pet when he or she needs us the most. We’ll treat your pet with care and respect and will provide the highest level of diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring services. Our caring and support will give your pet the best chance at recovery and a return to health.
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