MRI Case Studies

Here are some of our patients who have benefited from our MRI Services
  • vcs milford
    Lily was presented to the Neurology Service and Animal MRI Center at Veterinary Care Specialists because of a 3-4 week long period of decreased mobility and altered mentation. Lily had been treated with a variety of medications provided by other doctors with no improvement. Dr. Hass performed a complete physical and neurological examination and found that Lily had signs of a abnormality affecting the left side of her forebrain also called a supratentorial lesion. Possible causes included tumor (neoplasia or cancer), vascular or stroke-like event, and infectious or inflammatory disease. Lily was admitted for pre-anesthesia diagnostics and then a MRI of her brain were performed.
  • vcs milford
    Chanel was referred to the Neurology Clinic and the Animal MRI Center at Veter-inary Care Specialists after a 2 week history of severe pain and lameness on the left thoracic (front) limb. Despite medical interventions provided by her family doctor, Chanel was not improving. 
  • vcs milford
    Camie is a 6 month old Border Collie that had been surrendered to a rescue a few months earlier. Shortly after arriving at her foster home she began having frequent, generalized seizures. Routine blood work and physical examination performed by the referring veterinarian (RDVM) were normal. The foster-mom and the RDVM did notice that her vision appeared very poor. Camie was placed on anticonvulsants, however her seizures remained frequent. Camie was referred to the Neurology Service and Animal MRI Center at Veterinary Care Specialists. 
  • vcs milford
    Winston was one our first patients at the Animal MRI Center. He had developed neck pain and decreased mobility about 2 weeks earlier and was treated by the family veterinarian. Winston improved slightly, but still had periods of intense pain.
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