LILY - A twelve year old, spayed female, Domestic Shorthair Cat

Lily was presented to the Neurology Service and Animal MRI Center at Veterinary Care Specialists because of a 3-4 week long period of decreased mobility and altered mentation. Lily had been treated with a variety of medications provided by other doctors with no improvement. Dr. Hass performed a complete physical and neurological examination and found that Lily had signs of a abnormality affecting the left side of her forebrain also called a supratentorial lesion. Possible causes included tumor (neoplasia or cancer), vascular or stroke-like event, and infectious or inflammatory disease. Lily was admitted for pre-anesthesia diagnostics and then a MRI of her brain were performed.

Lily MRI Case Study

An MRI does not provide on set of views of the brain, spinal cord or any of the areas being evaluated. Actually multiple studies are performed using different MRI Sequences or settings and collecting different views from different orientations. Through the benefit of a complete MRI both with and without contrast, we were able to learn that Lily’s tumor was most likely a meningioma. Meningiomas are the most common brain tumors found in dogs and cats.

Conformation of this diagnosis would require a biopsy of the mass. Meningiomas are often surgically removed. Unfortunately, the position of Lily’s tumor would not allow successful surgical excision. However, meningiomas can be responsive to radiation therapy.

Lily did undergo radiation therapy at another facility and about 2 weeks later Dr. Hass had the pleasure of reevaluating Lily. Lily’s condition had improved sub-stantially and she had returned to her normal activities and personality at home. In the future, MRI’s will be performed to monitor the tumor and establish if any further therapy is warranted.

Posted on November 15, 2016
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