Fracture Repair

Fracture Repair

Our pets sustain fractures primary secondary to a major trauma such as being hit by a car, fighting with another animal, being attacked by another animal, or falling. If this happens they will be very painful and hold up the limb that is injured. There will usually be a large amount of swelling and can be severe injuries to the skin. This type of injury requires immediately veterinary care. On rare occassions our geriatric pet can sustain a fracture with very little or no trauma. This is caused by a cancerous process which has damaged the bone.

What should you know if your pet sustains a fracture?

All fractures are different. Each fracture must be evaluated to determine the best option for stabilization and return to function. If your pet has suffered a serious trauma and has other injuries it is important they receive emergency care to provide life saving support and pain management until they are in a good metabolic position to have the fracture repaired.
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