Reproductive Ultrasounds

Reproductive Ultrasound

Reproductive ultrasound may be the type of ultrasound pet owners are the most familiar with. In small animal veterinary medicine reproductive ultrasound is typically performed trans-abdominally (placing the probe on the abdominal skin). Reproductive ultrasound allows us to observe the uterus, ovaries and fetus’ in female patients and the testicles and prostate for our male patients. 

Fetal evaluation is one of the most common uses of reproductive ultrasound. Fetus’ can be evaluated for number, size, viability and, depending on the time of evaluation, they may be examined for congenital anomalies. The female reproductive tract may also be evaluated for the presence of tumor (neoplasia), retained fetus’, or infection. 

The male reproductive system, particularly the testicles and prostate lend themselves to ultrasonographic evaluation. Cancer (neoplasia), infection and structural anomalies may all be safely identified with the benefit of ultrasound. 

Ultrasound guided biopsies and aspirates, when deemed appropriate, may also be performed. 

Reproductive ultrasounds may require 10-30 minutes. Please plan on an hour to one and a half hour visit including an evaluation by one of our veterinarians and review of our findings.
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