We want to thank you for everything that everyone did to save Simba. We were so lucky you were there for us.

P.S. - Sorry Simba was so noisy. He was just expressing his appreciation.

Thank you so much.

To the Staff,
We wanted to thank you again for all the kindness and concern shown to our cat, Phaedra, throughout her care. Everyone was always welcoming and the technicians were kind and compassionate. We never worried when we boarded her.

To Dr. Hass,
After receiving a poor diagnosis/care from another clinic we were more than grateful for the knowledge/advice and proper treatment that Phaedra subsequently received. You provided current standards of care with regard to feline renal failure and it was because of our combined effort that we were able to enjoy Phaedra for an extra year and a half. You are a stellar animal advocate and I would highly recommend you and your practice.

Thank you,
The Ortwine Family

We cannot express our gratitude for taking such wonderful care of Bentley! He is our heart and you are the greatest!
Bentley & Mary Edwards

Gizmo & Christy
Dear Dr. Morgan and Staff at VCS,
Thank you so much for making our favorite pet "Moe" so comfortable during his last moments. The patience, empathy and care that you showed my cat and I was very heart warming and very professional. With lots of love and thanks,

Gizmo & Christy - Oak Park, MI

Nancy and Jeff Boggio
Having Toby in our family for 13.5 years has truly been a blessing. She taught us so much about love and life. So many wonderful memories help to bring peace to our hearts - where she will live on forever.

Thank-you Dr. Haas and all of the Vets and staff at VCS for your tremendous skill and good counsel. We know that Toby's last few years were enhanced because of you.

Best Regards -
Nancy and Jeff Boggio


Thanks!! To all my friends at Veterinary Care Specialists for getting me back to my Mom, Dad & Big Brother!!

Love -

Mr. Babs
Everyone at Vet Care Specialists - I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for Mr. Babs. Your kindness and helpfullness is gratefully appreciated. Thanks again.

I am so glad that we took Teddie to your place! All of you are so special to us. Especially Dr. Hass. You were informative and caring at the same time. You were there for us at all times - it made it easier at the end to know that she was in such good hands. Thank you for being the "Care Specialists" that you are - it helped at the end to know that she was getting the best care we had to offer her - you!

You will always share a place in our hearts with Teddie.
 -Ramonia and Daniel Moore

Dr. Hass - We would like to thank you for your kind and thorough treatment of our "little hairy fella". I saw this boy and thought of you! Thanks again and we will stay in touch.

Thank you so much for all of your help with our dog, Sassie. We were so worried about her when we were out of town. You kept in contact with us the whole time until we were able to get home and come see her. The staff at the clinic are all wonderful.

We really appreciate all of the care you gave her. We know she is getting older, but she is part of our family.

We will refer your clinic to others. Thanks again for everything.

Doctors and Staff - Thank you for the excellent care you gave my cats.

Dr. Mair, Dr. Holmes, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Hass, Mary Jane, Meredith, Charles, Brandon & Staff

Thanks for taking care of Ricky. You have a great staff.

--Arlene Boyer & Family


There are those who say they care and there are those, like you, who show they care. Words cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your support!

Because of your generosity, we can continue to rescue greyhounds scheduled to be destroyed and provide them with any and all medical treatment (including spay/neuter, shots, teeth cleaned) necessary. We can give them the opportunity to “grow old” with someone who will love them back.

We are thankful for friends and advocates like you who want to help us stop the abuse and senseless destruction of these gentle dogs. It is caring peole that make our fight possible.

On behalf of Michigan REGAP, thank you for helping us save lives.

Together, we really can make a difference.

-- Judy Paul, MI REGAP GSG Team


Thank you for taking such good care of Nanook during his recent stay. He is fully recovered.

-- Marcia Johnson

To Everyone at VCS,

We are most grateful for your services this year. Thank you so much!

The Hale Family and Scooter too!


Just wanted to say thank you, thank you again for all you did to help Max! The flowers and card were beautiful! You & your staff were so caring. It meant a lot to our family.

-- Love the Tuchey Family (& Max)

Dr. Hass,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I wanted to thank you for your astute advice regarding Connor’s care & rehab. He is doing fantastic! I am holding the reins in and progressing slowly per your advice but I am thrilled with how he is doing. We tore the wood floor up in the kitchen and put down carpeting - no more slipping and sliding and no more back wrenching!

-Again, Thank you,
Lynn Baitinger

Dear Veterinary Care Specialists,

Thank you so much for taking care of Mackenzie when she was hospitalized with tetanus in October. It was a relief to know she was receiving excellent care when we could not be there with her. We hope you enjoy the yummy treat of cake pops!

Tim & Ann Duff & Mackenzie

Dear Peter & Julie,

Just a personal note of thank you for all the support you’ve given to Community Sharing over the past years. In my opinion, Santa Paws was a smashing success thanks to the two of you. I very much look forward to working with you in the coming year.

-Happy New Year!
Ron McComas

We want you to know what it meant to us that you all cared so much about Abby. Your love and support meant more than we can say. We know you left no stone unturned in her care. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

-Carol Richter and Nancie Law

Dear Dr. Hass and the VCS team,

It is hard to find the right words to thank you for all that you do to provide care and compassion for sick and suffering animals.

My deepest appreciation to all of you for your continued efforts.

(?) Cole

Dear Dr. Mair,

Thank you for the beautiful roses. Carl and I are forever grateful to you and Dr. Hass for the special care you gave Maz and Hessie during their illnesses. You gave them quality of life and more time for us to love them.

Thank you for being there for them at the end; Carl and I will never forget your gesture. You and Dr. Hass hold a special place in my heart.


Thank you for your wonderful care. Buttercup loves coming to see you.

-Merry Christmas,
Greg & Cheryl Lenski

Thanks to you for all you have done for our dear Tuck - what a dog! Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and 2014!

-Judy, Cleo & Dottie

To all the Dr’s., Tech’s, staff and especially Dr. Hass who have all taken such great care of my beloved cat family over the last few years and an especially big thank you to Dr. Mair for giving Billy a better quality of life and now a happy life. He is doing well.

Will be back in to see you all for Kitty check-ups after the Holidays.

May you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

And also thank you Dr. Hass, Dana & Jamie for helping me let our beloved dog Sheena cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much! And also my dear sweet Minnie. RIP.

-With all my thanks,
Carol Daugherty

Dr. Hass

Thank you so much for your kindness with my boy, Sam and to all the staff who cared for him so lovingly despite his challenging demeanor. Thank you also to whoever sent me the plant. What a kind and thoughtful gesture. Thank you! It has certainly been a challenging week and this brightened my day.

Best, Heather - Milford, Mi

Thank you! From being in touch during vacation to giving advise at 6am Saturday morn, you were there for Shamus. Thank you,

Karen - Auburn Hills, MI

We began training our Service Dog, Blazey, in March of 2010. At that time she was five months old and ready to work. The first impressions we got from the center and trainers were very good. Ina, the head trainer, was very knowledgeable about Service Dog work and the techniques for training them. We definitely felt assured that Blazey would get great training. Right from the start we were able to work on Blazey’s ability to ignore distractions, a crucial aspect of Service Dog work. Ina gradually built the distraction levels and now Blazey is able to overcome stressful situations in large crowds. Blazey has been able to enjoy the benefits of private training sessions, group classes, agility work, and the much deserved fun and socialization. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen evaluation, which is given to all group class students, and most recently her Service Dog test. We were even able to work with Ina to resolve some behavioral issues that we experienced while out of town. Even though the trainers have high expectations for the owners and their dogs they also give thorough explanations so everything that is taught at the center is understood and can be taught at home. It is a comforting feeling to know that you always have their guidance and support no matter what. Blazey is the amazing Service Dog she is today because of them. She is very confident in her work and always looks forward to her training sessions.

The Hill Family

Ina, Theresa, Tracy, Ellen, and the rest of the WPVH Training and Behavior Center have been training my rescue dog Maximus for over a year. The WPVH have been the Veterinarians to our family’s dogs for over 10 years, so naturally when we adopted Max the first place we brought him was WPVH. Upon his first visit we met Ina Herbert, the head trainer of the WPVH Training and Behavior Center (WPVHTBC). We spoke with Ina about Max and about the reasons the old owners turned him into the SPCA for adoption. Ina briefly discussed with me how she would approach training Max and how she would address those problems (i.e. chewing, barking, not sitting still, etc.).

We did not put Max into classes at first as we thought we could train him ourselves. All of our other dogs were taken to Fly By Night Dog Training companies that are not in business anymore. Nonetheless, we thought we could use that past experience to train Max. Our past experiences with dog training had been classes that taught simple routines of sit, stay, and down. To be honest when looking back at the training techniques we were learning we were wasting our money because most dogs can easily learn the commands of sit, down, and stay. These training companies we attended did not provide you the learning tools to get your dog to do it on command and/or to do the commands we learned for long periods of time.

After a few weeks of trying these old training methods on Max we started noticing that he was an extremely hyperactive dog who was used to having his way. When we first adopted him he was a little shy, but once he became comfortable in our home he started to show his true personality. We tried everything we could think of to get him to listen to us and it was not working. So we picked-up the phone and called Ina. We told her we tried our methods of training and were not achieving the results we wanted. She advised us to bring him in for a private training session so that she could evaluate him. During the private training session we went into further detail of our original conversation from our first meeting. We discussed techniques for handling behavioral issues and developed a customized plan to help our family achieve the goals we wanted for a dog in our household.

Ina’s approach to all dogs is customized to their individual problems. She incorporates different training methods for individual dog’s needs, which she draws from the experiences of her long career. Her methods and knowledge far surpass any trainers we have met. We have learned so may techniques on how to properly train your dog, but the most important thing we learned is we have to be fair to our dogs. We need to understand their behaviors before we can expect them to listen to us. For example, Ina always stresses the fact that once a dog learns a command it does not mean they will do it for you. We have to practice with them and we have to get our dogs to respect us as the owner (“alpha dog”) of the household. It takes time, repetitions, practice, and respect to have a dog to perform a learned skill on command.

Our initial fear after adopting Max and seeing his behavior was he would not be able to be calm enough for when family and friends came to visit. The last thing we wanted was a dog that we had to keep locked away all the time. We also feared that if he didn’t get trained appropriately that he would destroy the house. We wanted a dog we could take in public, go to the beach, and would be calm when family and friends came over to visit.

Ina and her team have spent hours taking Max from a dog that potentially couldn’t be around people and dogs and turned him into a dog that has the skills and abilities to be more than just a household pet. Ina has shown me that Max has the capabilities of becoming a service or search and rescue dog. This is amazing progress in a year’s time to become a dog of that caliber from what he was when we originally adopted him. He was a dog that would chew anything he could find, he would not sit still, and he would bark at random people and things. That has all changed over the course of the past year.

Ina saw a dog and a family that just did not have direction in training. She was able to harness Max’s energy and turn him into an amazing dog. Max has a lot of energy and love for friends, family, and canines and now knows how to express it appropriately. Ina and her team where abl to give Max and his family direction and the tools to properly train him at home. We now know this is a life journey for Max and us and not just a couple of months of practice. Our family is so pleased with Max’s progress and with the dog Max has become. We are truly thankful for Ina and the WPVH Training and Behavior Center.

Maximus’ Family

Dixie is not our first Jack; our family has owned Jack Russells for several decades. We are well acquainted with the breed and what comes with it. Jacks are headstrong, opinionated, extremely energetic, and smart. That being said, you cannot be a known biter and remain a Ford…period. I tried a touchy feely dog trainer initially with Dixie. Worked her through her commands often and wound up with Dixie just humoring me by sitting and staying while she continued to be a hot, neurotic mess. She incessantly paced, licked the rug, “scream-barked” at passing dogs/humans/bicycles/leaves…and then began attacking dogs and humans even though on a choke chain. She bit the drycleaner delivery person, tried on a regular basis to attack the UPS man through the plate glass, and then bit a friend who was giving us a hug upon entering our home. If she was crated and the doorbell rang or she heard a noise she didn’t approve of she would go insane. Dixie would shred her bed and lose her mind. None of this behavior is conducive to remaining a Ford! With Dixie now five years old, my first visit to Ina was one of desperation. I was worried that rehabilitation was impossible, but after meeting with Ina and listening to her training techniques, coupled with the fact that she would have Dixie in her charge for four days a week, I left hopeful. After only a few short weeks Dixie is a changed Jack Russell…truly. She is a shadow of her old neurotic self and that is directly attributed to Ina and the training center. Their training credentials are solid and they are firm trainers who do not tolerate nonsense and only reward proper behavior. Biting/attacking and neurosis is dealt with swiftly and consistently. The trainers were able to communicate with me on how to train Dixie at home and how to deal with her unpleasant behaviors. We now have a much happier dog that is enjoyed. I know that Dixie’s behaviors were extreme and most owners just want their dogs properly trained from the start…


Dear Dr Haas & Staff,

I want to let you know how grateful I am for all your work, help and consideration and kindness to me and my dog Hobbes. Just to let you know I have adopted a 1 year old foster dog from Last Day Dog Rescue. His part Flat Coat Retriever Black dogs don't get adopted as much so that was my goal. I adopted him in 2012 - I think he'll be two years old in March. His name is Reese and my sister says he's reincarnated Hobbes. He's a great dog, very lovable and easy. Once again, Thank You so much for all your help and generosity.

Love & Hugs, Nancy - Livonia Mi

Dear Dr. Haas & Staff,

Thanks you for the care you gave to Bentley in his final days. With somethings as hard a death a of a pet, you made it very pleasant to visit Bentley at all hours. We hope to get another dog in the near future and will look to you for a future relationship.

Thanks again for our support. Kae & Steve - Highland, MI


Thank you so much for the sympathy card and for being there whenever we need most.

The Kushim Family

To our dear friends, peter & Julie & Dana & everyone at VCS.

Thank you so very much for taking such fabulous care of our dearest musha! An always, your clinical expertise, Knowledgeable staff & attentions to patient safety & quality care give us such peace & confidence that our family member is necessary exemplary medical case, Love & attention with love & deepest gratitude.

Many thanks to each of you.

Keiby & Baris

Dear Dr. Hass & Staff,

Thank you for the care you gave to Benthy in his final days. With something as hard as a death of a pet you made it very pleasant to used benthy at all hours. We Hope to get another dog in the near future & wice look to you for a future relationship thanks again for your support Kar & Steve Schorting.

Thank you to all who are trying to help Sammy!

The Kitchen Family


Words cannot express ,How grateful, we are to all of you for the outstanding care you have given our sweet Polly. We are so grateful to have polly back home with us we truly can’t thanks you enough. Your Clinic is top notch!!

Thank you!!!

Kusty , joy , Lily & Ella Rising

To the finest Veterinarians & Staff,

Thank you for all your caring, your skill, your compassion and your wonderful pet-side manner.   Our love and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Patty - Waterford, MI

Thank you for taking such good care of Cayenne, Dakota and Apache.  Wishing you all warm happy holidays and the best throughout 2013.

Rick, Deb & the girls - South Lyon, Mi

Dr, Julie, Peter and the Great VCS Staff,

Warmest thoughts and best woshes for a WOnderful Holiday and a very Hapy New Year.  Seansons Greetings!

Jeff, Nancy, Suzy, Henry and Ruby - Northville, MI

Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Love, Buttercup - Milford, MI

Dr Hass & VCS Staff,

We hope you have a happy, healthy holiday! Thank you for taking such good care of our girls.  Merry Christmas!

James, Sarah, Maggie & Chloe - Milford, MI


Thank you for taking good care of Scooter.  

Warm WIshes, Dawn & Scooter -

To the VCS Staff,

We would like to thank all of you for your compassionate care of Bella during her two recent surgeries.  She's doing great - maybe better than she's felt in a couple years!  

It's so hard to have your pet two hours away for such a long period of time, but Dr. Hass, this is where you come in!  Your dedication to keeping us informed as to Bella's progress was really above and beyond and appreciated more than you know!

We are so blessed to have Bella with us at Christmas and we owe this to all of you who cared so much for her.  

God Blesss you!

Bill & Betsy - Three Rivers, Mi

Dear VCS.

Thank you for taking such goos care of me.  Mom & Dad are happy also.  Sorry about not taking my pills well!!

Moocher, Carl, and Michelne - Holly, MI

Dr. Haas & VCS Family,

Just wanted to say it's over 6 weeks!  Moochie is doing great.  Now, I'm trying to put him on a diet to trim him up and make him a little healthier.  Thank you so much for everything - Take care & hope you have a happy holidays.

Dan, Lisa, Nuckolls & Moochie, Birdie, Autumn, & Bailey - Fenton, MI


Dr Mayer, Dr Holmes and all the wonderful staff,

Words can't express my thanks to all of you for saving the life of my very best friend, Strarr!

God Bless,  Belinda

Dear Dr. Hass,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your already busy day to see a patient, Ellie McIntosh.  They very much appreciated your through exam, caring and compassion.  I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays.  

Warm Regards,
Marcy - Freeland, Michigan

Dr. Mair & Staff,

Here we are again... Thank you so much for taking such good care of Iszik!  You all have touched my heart with your compassion and professionalism.  It's people like you that make this world a better place!  We will remember you always!

Lou & Iszik - Fenton, Michigan

Dr. Hass, Dr. Moraan and the Team,

Thank you for giving extra time with Josephine.  What a blessing it was to be able to appreciate each day with her a little bit more than normal.  Your kindness and genunie concern for her wellbeing did not go unnoticed by her or myself.  She's in kitty heaven now without pain and I'm quite sure she's playing with the most awesome catnip toy or lounging in the bet sunny spot ever!  Thank you again for all that you have helped with!

 Jessica - Commerce, Michigan

Dr. Hass,

I just want to thank you for everything you did for Malty.  You gave us another good year with him.  I am - we all are- extremely grateful for that.  Thank you for being such a caring Dr. and person.

Lisa - Fenton, Michigan

Dr. Hass, Dr. Schmidt, Vicki, Dana, Day Shift & Night Shift,

Thanks to each of you... thanks to all of you... thanks for everything!  Neisha and I send our love and thanks to everyone!
Patti - Waterford, Michigan

Dr. Hass & Staff,

For all the care and compassion you and your staff have shown for our dog, Molly - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The choice was mode to set her free!  

Thanks Again,
The Morton Family - Flushing, Michigan

Dear Dr.  Hass,

We want to thank you for the lovely flower in memory of Shamus and your entire staff for the thoughtful card.  Most of all, we want to say, "THANKS" for the loving care everyone there gave to our beloved pet, Shamus.

We, too, were shocked at Shamus' rapid decline.   Although he continued to eat well, he couldn't keep anything down.  His breathing was so labored and he became so weak that he wouldn't get up and or even lift his head.  We couldn't bear to see him like that.  Thanks again for your care and concern.

Darla & Bob - Ypsilanti, Michigan

I just wanted to thank everyone who took care of Gracie during her surgery and afterwards. She did very well after the surgery even though the progress was poor. She was happy and playing at home until May 19th and on the 20th she was obviously in pain and Dr. Zubke euthanized her. She was a very special companion to me and I miss her very much. Bless all of you for what you do for God’s littlest creatures. I know I can count on you if I need your services in the future.

-Vickey Dennis

Dear VCS:

Just a short note to thank everyone involved with the care of our dog Zeke after his surgery and on his final day on Earth. Your kindness and compassion towards him and us was very apparent and very much appreciated. We are so glad we had people like you to help us during this difficult time.    

-Sue and Jerry Sutherland

To Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Hass, Dr. Smith, Kathy, Dana and to all the rest of the staff that got to experience Myca. We cannot say enough thank full words to you all for all you did trying to keep Myca here with us and also the kindness you gave us. We know his journey in life ended way too early for him but we are so thankful that all of you were a part of trying to save his life and keep him here. Dr. Hass, thank you so much for all your knowledge and efforts in helping with Myca to try to keep him here. A very special thank you to Dr. Schmidt for the patience and time you spent trying to help us understand what was happening with Myca. Kathy and Dr. Smith, you are both such special people to be able to listen and help us with one of the most important painful decisions in our life we had to make and to be there with us through such a painful experience. Myca was a very unique and so very special friend to us and we will miss him so very, very much. Life will not be the same with him gone. I want to give you all a very special thank you to all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for all you did for Myca to make him feel so special and all you did for him.       

-Love Mark and Penny Teffner


I just wanted to let you know that Cougar Atma/ Guenther are doing great after his ingestion of some toxic material. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of him. Dr. Hass, thank you for your kindness and professionalism. If we have any other emergencies, we will certainly come to your clinic. I have already recommended you to some of my friends. Have a wonderful summer!    

-Sharon Atma

Dear Peter and Hunter,

A huge “thank you” to both of you for volunteering to help our family “in crisis”! Thank you for all your calls and efforts and for showing up to offer all your help and support. Charlie and I remain in debt to you both for all your kindness.

-Laura and Charlie Wagner

Thank you for taking care of my favorite cat LittleBit. (A colored picture of LittleBit by Ashlee)

-Ashlee, Kendra and Karen!

Dr. Hass,

Thank you! (A colored picture drawn by Kendra)                                                                                                            

-Kendra and Karen

To: Kiril, Liz and the staff at Milford.

Thank you for taking care of Checkers. Happy holidays from “Checkers” and “Chauncey” and their folks.

-Nancy and Tom Osberg


"Izzy” Keyworth:

This picture was taken June 2002 Izzy will be 19 years in February 2003. Still has quality of life. Eye sight is good, hearing is poor. Still on SQ’s and steroids Izzy’s weight is 8LBS OZ’s.


To all the caring doctors and staff at Veterinary Care Specialists;

I wanted to let you know that Dusty passed away peacefully Monday, June 12th. He had been suffering from kidney failure for a while. After a week of not eating and barley being able to stand with his back legs, I brought him into my vet. I would have hoped he would pass at home but we all know how feisty and stubborn Dusty could be! I thank you all so much for the love and care you gave to Dusty during his many stays with you. I always felt so badly when he would snap at some of you but you never seemed to mind and always forgave him. He was a crazy dog at times but he is greatly missed. Thanks again.

-Elaine Honecker

I want to thank those of you who were quick to diagnose my problem and give me the care I needed to make it through a “tuff” time. I hold a special place in my owner’s heart that would have created a large void if I did not make it through this. It is because of loving, caring and dedicated people that I am able to enjoy and witness another day. P.S. My owners and “brothers” (Briar and Buck) thank you as well. They would have surely missed me. Who else would keep them in line? Thanks again to all!


Dr. Hass:

Krueger is doing much better; he’s starting to act like his old self again. Thank you so much for everything you guys did for him and my family. I truly appreciate it. Thanks again                              


Dr. Hass;

 Thank you so much for helping D.J. and I, we really appreciate it! We all hope to have him back to normal again real soon. We wish you happy holidays and joyous New Year!                                                                                                                                

 D.J., Brittany and Nancy Perpich

Dr Hass and Staff;

In this season of hope and promise, everyone at the Animal Rescue League of Boston thanks you for your generosity toward needy animals. May all the pleasures of the animal-human bond be yours.     

-Animal Rescue League of Boston

Dr Dr. Hass and Staff;

Thank you very much for taking such good care of me. I feel much better now!

-Alex and Family

Dr. Hass:

We wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your caring help. Roxie is doing well and has outgrown the heart mummer. She is running playing and causing whatever mischief she can! We all are very grateful for the time and advice you gave to us!                                                                                                                               

Cassandra Combs, Mike McInerney and of course Roxie!

Dear Brenda, Liz and Anthony;

I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you did for us, especially Logan. I am so glad we came at the time all of you were working. You all were some of the kindest people I have ever met. I have recommended many people to your hospital! Garry and I wanted to say thank you so very much and we are truly grateful for you taking care of Logan! Here are a couple pictures of the puppies, Logan and Griffen. They are all doing great! Take care!

-Corey and Garry Malties

With deep sadness we said goodbye (for now) to our dear little Toby. We appreciate your kindness toward her and all of your efforts, care and concern. Toby brought immense joy and happiness to our lives for 13 ½ years and she will always be with us and in our hearts. We have been truly blessed to have known her and we will always love her.

-Jeff and Nancy Boggio

VCS Staff;

Thank you for your compassion while caring for my puppy Belle!      

-The Pond Family

VCS Staff;

We want to thank you for all of your help with Tsar. That was the hardest thing we have ever been through but you guys made it bearable. We want you guys to have these pictures of Tsar, we will always be grateful to you for being there. Thank you!                                                                                                                              

-Gary and Michele

Dear Owner and Staff;

Thank you for giving us a chance to help Ozzy.

-Manny and Paula Zouragoza

Dr. Hass and Kero;

Thanks for giving all you give, for doing all you do, for caring as you care. Thanks!                                

-Love Stacy and Shadow Stanel

Thanks to all of you;

Only the warmest thank you will do for people as nice and as special as you! Thank you for everything you’ve done for Uzi.  

-Julie Russ and Rich Szynianski

May the joy of the season shine in your hearts. Life is the best gift. Celebrate for those with us and all who are here in spirit. Our Fritz lives in our soul and reminds us memories are built on traditions. Keep those traditions alive for the love never leaves us. Best wishes for the New Year.

-Greg, Dave, The Crackie, Graygirl, Fatty and Baby Gustoff

Dr. Mensack and entire staff at VCS;

I can’t begin to thank you for all the medical support you’ve given to Darby. I call her my “miracle puppy” and owe that all to you! She’s back to her old self who is frisky, playful and happy! You saved her life! I will be forever grateful!    

-Darby and Karen Wheeler

Dear Julie and Peter;

Thank you for stopping to talk to us about your practice and for bringing lunch! Also, thank you for the raffle tickets. Rob was excited to hear he won a “duck race” Take care!

-Sue and Rob

Dear VCS Staff;

Thank you for the compassionate care you provided to Pollo after his run-in with a foster greyhound. He has improved significantly since being stuck on his belly in an aquarium. He gradually began to sit up and use his legs, and now he is able to perch again. He is in a modified cage with soft floor because still isn’t 100 percent yet. His right leg and foot work better than his left, but he is now walking and using his beak only occasionally to pull himself. He loved all the spoiling and attention he got while recovering and his happy spirit has not faltered. Thank you for all your love and attention!

 Pollo Curlett, Kristen and Michael

Dr. Hass;Thank you for doing our BAER testing! Love Rocky, Saige, Rigley and Wally. Happy holidays!  

-Kathy and Rick Martin

Dear Staff;

Thank you for saving our brothers life! We love you!                                                                                                                          

-Little Maggie and Baby Belle

To My Friends at VCS;

Five months ago, when I was only eight weeks old, I was mauled by a large dog. I came to see you and you nursed me back to a point that I could go home. A week later I came down with a parvo and everyone thought I might not make it. I’m going on six months now and I would have never made it without your help and love. Thank you for giving me that chance for a great life! My whole family will be forever thankful! Happy holidays.

-Kacie Farkas

VCS Staff;

Hope this Christmas season is filled with all your favorite things! Happy holidays.

-The Kubiks

VCS Staff;

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion to our dog Bud. He was a wonderful dog and your treatment of him was much appreciated.

Sue, Dennis, and Bandit Parkin

Dr. Hass and the wonderful staff at VCS;

Thank you for all you kindness and support this past year in treating Devil and Papa. Being considered exotic pets, no other clinic was willing to see them or help in a time with emergency with Devil’s amputation. You and your staff were compassionate and willing to assist the tiniest members of our family. As you know we adopted Papa and his two sons from Earl in 2003 and Devil as a baby in 2005. Papa was up in years and unfortunately passed just recently but without your care we wouldn’t of had him around till now. Thank you for all you’ve done, your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated.

-Mr. and Mrs. Dainell Janette

Dear Dr. Hass;

I appreciate so very much the kindness that you showed to both Buddy and me during the month you cared so well for him. His decline and death came at a very sad time in my life and you eased the difficulty of losing him with your compassion, presence, and support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-With many blessings,
 Cynthia Horbelt

Happy Birthday to the cat’s meow!

 -Ms. Cleo and Fritz


Dear Dr. Hass and Staff;

Perseus would like to let you all know that he is feeling much better now and almost back to his mischievous self. I would like to let you all know that, without a doubt, he surely would not be here today if not for the excellent care, compassion, and dedication on your part. Thank you!

 -Perseus and The Druens

To the Staff at Veterinarian Care Specialists;

On behalf of my son Jonathan and myself, we want to thank you for the wonderful care Cocoa received. We would have hoped for a different ending, but rejoice knowing he had the best care possible. Thank you again! You are all the best caring, compassionate, and skilled.

-Sincerely, Jeanie Moon

Dr. Hass and the Staff at Veterinarian Care Specialists;

We just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Bubba when she was hospitalized. Bubba is doing great, her progress surprised me. Everyone there seemed to take good care of her and we really appreciate it, even when she was crabby in the beginning. Thanks again!

-Shelley Teaster

Dr. Hass;

May all the seeds of kindness that you’ve spread along the way return to you and multiply on this, your special day! Happy Birthday Julie! We hope you have a wonderful day!

 -Love, Carlos, Gia and Bear

Dear Julie and Peter;

Steve and I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing your practice. Thanks for making us feel so welcome. I’m passing on your referral information to other practices in this area and I’ll send my neuro cases to you! Thanks again

-Best regards,
  Doreen, Steve, and Lily Comrie

Dr. Hass and all Staff;

Thank you for taking such good care of my boy during his last few weeks here on Earth. It was appreciated more than you know.

-Sincerely, Mary and Family

Thank you for your continued support. I really appreciate your business. Wishing you success and joy in 2011.


VCS Staff;

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season! Our newest “employee” is Bear!                                 

-The Digital Document Store Xeron Authorized Agent/Dealer. Carlos, Lisa Allison, and Staff.

VCS Staff;

Happy holidays from our family to yours.

 Annette, Kyle, Bailey and Decker Macfarlane

VCS Staff;

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year!

-Nicole Windmiller and “Ella”

VCS Staff;

Seasons Greetings and best wishes for the New Year.

-Amanda Thiel

VCS Staff;

Wish upon wish for a very Merry Christmas!                                                                             

 Brad,Theresa,Marley, and Smokey

VCS Staff;

Happy Holidays from all of us!

-Faithful Companion

Dr. Hass and everyone at VCS;

All good wishes for a very happy and blessed holiday season!

-Nancy and Jeff Boggio

To all of the wonderful Staff at VCS;

You’ve all been so wonderful; it’s hard to know how to begin to say thanks. Please know that your kindness will always be remembered.

-The family of “Chicklett”

To my friends at Veterinary Care Specialists;

“Thank you for all you have done to make me feel better. I am even enjoying playing with my toys again. Thank you for being so comforting to my mom. We appreciate all of you.”


  Perry Black

VCS Staff;

Because of your gentle care and love throughout the years, Bob had a wonderful life. Thank you is not enough.

-The Hall Family

VCS Staff;

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. We knew Bo was special and it is nice to know others thought so too. Thanks for loving him when he was there.

-Chet and Jeanne Lutes

Dr. Hass and Mr. Barnes;

After reading the Livingston County Daily Press argues about your wonderful donation of the breathing aid for pets. I wanted to write to you and send to you the awake magazine “Pets How Do You View Them?” It is such a wonderful help for firefighters to be protected from bites and scratches. We would like to tell you thanks for your help to animals and firefighters.

-Sincerely, Mrs. Fraski

VCS Staff;

“Boy! I am one lucky guy! Glad to be home, resting comfortably and I want to send lots of heartfelt thanks to all of you at VCS for all the tender loving care you all gave me while I was your patient. Thank you so much! 

Dear Peter, Julie & all at VCS,

Just a short thank you note to say how much we appreciate your care of our rescue Bully's. Without your wonderful services we would be lost and the dogs would be much worse off.
Thank you, thank you!!

The Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit.

VCS Staff;

"Thanks" - I know that does not cover all you do(and for me personally)
You put to sleep my cat Buttercup. I know he was in a lot of pain. He hung in for me for a year, but he was ready to give up.
God will look over people like you.
I am still not over it yet and I'm starting to cry again and do whenever I think about it. I hope you can read this, as I say, I am still upset.
Also, I hope you can read between the lines of how I appreciate your generosity and work.
I still ahve 4 more cats but they can never take the place of Buttercup, the dearest I had.

Your kindness and generosity will always be remembered.
Betty Spaulding

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