Canine Wellness

Adult Canine Wellness and Vaccines

From 1-5 years of Age

Our Recommendations for your Canine Companion:
  1. Annual Examination
  2. Annual Bloodwork – Full Chemistry/CBC/Parasite Testing
    This will allow us to assess the function of the kidney’s and the liver, as well as, red and white blood cell counts.
    Fecal testing should be done twice yearly.  *Roundworms are a zoonotic parasite, which means you can be affected by them.
  3. Flea Protection and 12 Months of Heartgard
    We recommend annual Heartgard with every other year heartworm testing.
    If you choose seasonal heartworm protection, your pet must have annual heartworm testing.
    We recommend Frontline for seasonal flea and tick prevention.
  4. Vaccine Protocol
    DAPPC (Distemper/Adenovirus/parainflenza/parvovirus/coronavirus) at 4 months of age, then once every 3 years from 1 1/2 years onward.
    Leptosporosis annually
    Bordetella annually
    Rabies, 1 year, at 4 months of age, then once every 3 years from 11/2 years onward.

What if my dog has a…..
Heart murmur:
    We recommend chest x-rays to assess the heart.  This is best followed by an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to assess heart valve function.  Also, blood pressure monitoring to make sure hypertension is not a problem.

Ear Infection:
    We would obtain a swab from each ear to determine the nature of the infection, clean the ears and start appropriate medications.

Urinary Tract Infection:
    We will collect a sterile urine sample so that a urinalysis and possible culture and sensitivity can be performed. 

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