Bandage Care

VCS Milford
VCS Milford
The purpose of a bandage is to protect or support a wound or surgical repair. While your pet has a bandage exercise restriction is important.
  1. Keep the bandage clean and dry.
    • Your pet should wear an Elizabethan collar if they wish to lick or chew at the bandage.
    • Cover the bandage with a plastic bag when you walk your dog outside.
    • Remove the plastic bag when your dog comes back in the house. If you do not their toes will sweat and become moist which leads to a foul smell and dermatitis.
    • If the bandage becomes soiled it should be changed immediately.
  2. A bandage or a splint should be changed every 10-14 days. This is important because they begin to pack down and move around. A bandage that moves is very uncomfortable and can lead to painful wounds.
  3. If your dog or cat has been tolerating a bandage very well then suddenly begins destroying the bandage, have it changed. Our pets are so smart that when the bandage begins to cause pain or injury they want it off.
  4. Most distal limb bandages allow the two center toes to be exposed. This is to allow air to circulate around the toes and allow for monitoring. We are watching to make sure the toes are not swollen. The nails should be resting next to one another. If you notice they have become swollen please notify us immediately. This can be a sign that the bandage is too tight. If this continues or a prolonged period there can be permanent damage to the blood supply and unfortunate consequences.
  5. If you have concerns over a bandage remove it carefully and call for an appointment to replace it.

Posted on July 14, 2014
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