Chiropractor Services

Veterinary chiropractor services offer specialized care aimed at enhancing the musculoskeletal health and overall well-being of animals

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT)

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation therapy (VSMT), more commonly referred to as animal chiropractic, is an adjunctive therapy for treatment/management of musculoskeletal disorders. It is not intended to operate as a replacement for traditional veterinary care, but as a complement!


VSMT Therapy

Candidates for VSMT, but are not limited to:

  • Those with short-term lameness episodes
  • Older arthritic patients (pets who are “slowing down”)
  • Canine athletes or highly active dogs
  • Post op patients
  • Animals that struggle going up stairs or jumping into vehicles
  • General wellbeing
VSMT Therapy

How Does VSMT Work?

VSMT/animal chiropractic involves the evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders through visual (lameness) examination and static/dynamic palpation for areas of restriction. These restrictions are then adjusted using a high-velocity low amplitude thrust to stimulate surrounding musculature and the body to help correct itself into normal alignment.


VSMT is more than just adjustments, as certain soft tissue techniques can be applied to address concerns on a per patient basis.

VSMT can be used as a complement to canine rehabilitation exercises/techniques to improve and ensure overall health and wellness.

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