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I had the best result bringing my 4 month old puppy named Patch to this place. I called just once to explain them that my puppy showed symptoms of parvovirus and they immediately took care of him, did the test and it came back positive. Thanks to Dr. Katie Boatman for receiving it quickly. They had to hospitalize him, and the truth is I don’t regret having made the decision to leave him in their hands. They treated me with great kindness, they received the dog with great affection and attention. He was hospitalized for 4 days, and there was not a day that Dr. Carrie Tokar did not call me to give me updates on his health, every morning and every afternoon. I’m very grateful for their great attention to him, the puppy is already in very good health, thank God I can say that my puppy is alive.. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Valeria F.

VCS did an absolutely amazing job with our 7-month-old chihuahua puppy, Apollo, who contracted parvo (along with three others) 48 hours after getting the vaccination shot sold by a local retailer. We chose VCS even though they’re ~1.5hrs away because they were the only ones who would take him on a Sunday and had a reasonable estimate of costs (everywhere else quoted $1800-$3000/day). We had all 4 puppies being treated by a local vet: one got better, 2 passed away, and Apollo was discharged because, “there won’t be anyone here [Sunday]”. VCS stepped up, gave Apollo everything he needed over a course of 2.5 days, and was able to not only get him back to his normal self, but was sympathetic to the amount of money already spent in vain at the other clinic. I can’t thank them enough.
Chris C.

My six week old puppies came in very sick. They got them to the back right away. This place really cares about the animals and the people. They are amazing and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Elana A.

What a great Vet and Staff. I have an allergy dog. They always get us in as soon as possible and do a great job on my Bella. I strongly recommend to all my family, friends, and everyone.


Took both my dogs here for an emergency when one sprained his ankle and the other had a very nasty ear infection. Yes, I will agree that VCS is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. When my dog, Battle Buddy, sprained his ankle, the bill for what they recommended was higher than I was able to pay. They worked with me on getting the price down to an affordable price, and my other dog, Grunt, had his ear infection, it was also at a reasonable price. I just scheduled an appointment for our kitten, and we are happy they are nearby! Thank you VCS!

Scott W.

Had to do an emergency visit for our 7 month old puppy. (She got a 3-4 inch gash on her inner right thigh.) Staff was pleasant from the first phone call to walking in. The price was less than we thought, which was a plus but expected to be $$ because of the emergency status. We had to do a couple visits to make sure the wound had healed before the stitches where removed. Will return for any other emergency visits. (We live 45 minutes away, otherwise would visit more)

Jay C.